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Leaving an abusive relationship is not a one time event …… it’s a process.


Mindfulness is an integral part of healing and advocating for your rights. Through trauma-informed techniques M.A.P.S Warriors regain a connection to themselves in order to recognize their needs and build a strong foundation in which to grow.


However long you’ve spent with an abuser, a common result is the loss in believing in one’s self. Believing you are worthy, believing you are lovable, and believing you can accomplish your goals is essential to your healing. Part of the journey is learning to trust and believe in yourself again. You are ABLE!


Leaving an abusive relation is not a one time event. It is a process… one that requires planning your safety, financial, and physical needs to ensure your success. It can feel overwhelming. We are here to help!


Every human has the right to feel safe. Learning to protect yourself is not a luxury. It is a necessity… one that ensures every human is treated with dignity and respect!

About M.A.P.S

Sarah-Marie Baumgartner is a survivor. M.A.P.S Project Defense is her commitment to the education, well being, advocacy and safety of victims and survivors of intimate partner abuse and violence. Our self-defense program is designed to empower victims and survivors to become M.A.P.S Warriors! You’ll learn the skills, tricks and tips needed on the journey to an abuse-free life, and learn to collaborate with resources in your area and all around the world. It’s not just about securing physical safety. It’s a whole-body program that will teach you how to defend your heart, mind and body.

The full program:

  • To be released in 2022.
  • Comprehensive training for healthcare professionals will expand their knowledge base and empower them as they work with victims and survivors.
  • Each Training Series can be either online or in-person.