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Situational Awareness Training

We are seeing unprecedented violence, and authorities are being challenged like never before. Do you know what to do when seconds count and help is minutes away? Is your corporation, business, college campus, school, church or community in need of real-world training to empower you for everyday situations?

Will your security team or community be able to protect itself when the time counts? Is it wise to train situational awareness and personal safety skills? How much is living with nagging fear costing you?

Most large companies have a crisis management plan and security teams in place, but wouldn’t it be more effective to have employees empowered with personal safety skills themselves? Corporations come to us after experiencing an employee being assaulted while at work or commuting, and some have sought safety training after having an employee respond inappropriately to a perceived threat. Why wait till something happens? Training has never been easier! With self-paced online and live in person options available.

Training for situational awareness greatly enhances the overall security of your company or community. While most security training programs focus on how to fight an attacker, Pretty Loaded takes a PROACTIVE approach: predicting violent encounters even before they happen by learning how to read pre-attack body indicators and situational evaluation. 

The costs of having basic training in self-defense and situational awareness is far less then the costs of something happening to an employee, yourself, or a loved one.

Pretty Loaded works with security directors and employees of corporations, government agencies, colleges and schools all across North America. Programs have now been expanded to work with the real-estate industry.

Sarah-Marie is an Affiliate Instructor with Pretty Loaded, bringing her expertise and knowledge to corporations and communities all across Colorado. If you’d like to bring situational awareness training to your Colorado corporation or community click below. Online trainings are self-paced and can be done individually or with a corporate package. Live trainings are for groups of 10 or more.